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Accomplished Connecticut Divorce Lawyers Provide Strong Support

Established Bridgeport family law firm safeguards clients’ interests

Ending a marriage is a permanent change, but it’s important to find a strong family lawyer who will make sure that your legal and financial rights are protected as you make a new start. At MeehanLaw, LLC in Bridgeport, our attorneys have served Connecticut clients since 1975 by delivering the highest levels of legal representation and professionalism. In Fairfield County and across the state, we offer spouses personalized support and a strategy that is tailored to their circumstances. At all times, we work diligently to achieve our clients’ objectives in determinations relating to child custody, alimony, property division and other issues. Whether your breakup is uncontested or highly volatile, our firm will use what we’ve learned over decades to get you the best possible result.

Skilled attorneys advise on property division and litigation alternatives

Divorce can be terribly disconcerting, but our experienced attorneys explain the relevant laws and how they apply to your specific circumstances. We answer any questions you have on subjects such as:

  • Equitable distribution — Connecticut allocates marital assets and debts based on the principle of equitable distribution. This means that if the couple can’t work things out on their own, the court divides property according to what the judge thinks is fair although not necessarily even. Whether your matter is handled through negotiation or litigation, we know how to deal with bank accounts, family homes, sophisticated financial holdings, business shares and other items while pressing for an appropriate result.
  • Collaborative divorce — Often, the procedures associated with our adversarial legal system lead to excessive hassle and impede parties’ ability to reach an agreement. The collaborative divorce process gives spouses a chance to share information and pursue a fair result together. If you believe this might work for you, we’ll explain the details, such as the pledge to avoid litigation and the use of experts to clarify certain issues.
  • Uncontested divorce — When both spouses agree on property division, custody and all other divorce terms, Connecticut offers the opportunity to file for an Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage. Even if no conflicts exist, certain documents and information must be provided to the court before the divorce is finalized. Our firm will make sure that the necessary materials are complete and accurate.
  • Alimony — Though temporary and permanent alimony are available in the state, the increasing earning ability of women is limiting the existence, amount and duration of these awards. If you believe that spousal support might be granted in your case, our lawyers can evaluate the various factors that affect alimony determinations.

Starting with a free initial consultation, we’ll serve as trusted advisers and assertive advocates.

Dedicated Fairfield advocates fight for fair custody and visitation terms

Connecticut courts make child custody decisions based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the young people involved. Usually, everyone benefits when parents agree on arrangements for decision-making (legal custody) and residence (physical custody). Drawing on our experience and creative counsel, we are often able to help our clients create custody and visitation agreements that promote strong relationships with each parent. If the case does go to a judge, we’ll prepare a detailed argument relating to the factors that can go into these determinations, such as parental fitness and the stability of each home environment.

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